.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.

[Objective-C] Camera Class

Lately i’ve been working more and more on mobile IOS projects.
Within these projects i tend to use mobile camera’s alot. [...]

[AS3.0 / JS / XCode / Java] Decimal formatting numbers

So you have a number and want to apply some decimal separators to it.
For example:
1000 -> 1.000
10000 -> [...]

[Lab] BezierPaths

BezierPaths, always a fun subject.
These paths can be used for smooth lines, car drive behaviours or even cable / string [...]

[Lab] Stage3D UV animation

Going into the subject of rendering flat sprites in Stage3D wich have an animation as if they were 2D.
Common practice [...]

[Lab] Diving into Stage3D

It has been a while since my last post, but i am back!
Since Adobe gave the Flash community a big [...]

[Lab] Tracing rays #01

Diving into 3D more. I am now learning that drawing lots of triangles on screen can be tedious en performance [...]

[Lab] Dreaming of Spaces

For a short while now if have been looking into Java / Processing and OpenGL.
And i have to say that [...]

[Lab] The Scanline

Just a little fun project i thought up. Made within a couple of hours. Actually pretty fun project. Who knows… [...]

[Game] AlphaOmega v0.1

Dropped the 3D engine development a bit. It is summer…. so i need to be developing a fun project in [...]

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