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Accusations associated with Islam Indoctrination in public places Colleges Distribute in order to Nj

A debate making within Chatham, D. T., started having a easy animation proven to college students which trained the actual 5 support beams associated with Islam: “The very first pillar way to have confidence in Lord. As well as he’s the only real Lord. And also the prophet Mohammed serenity end up being on him […]

Dallas Celebrities Business Spree Might Perform Simply because Motivation Proceeding Ahead

The real business agreement is really hrs through shutting as well as the Dallas Celebrities possess produced plenty of splashes. Since the info might be depressing, are usually these kinds of the particular methods that will finally aid the particular Celebrities type upwards? “Well, this particular generally sucks if you notice pals leaving behind. An […]

My Confession
My Confession

Forgive me farther for i have sinned, it’s been long since i have given my last blog post. Many things have happend along the road of shedding of my actionscript skin. I have been searching for new ways to re-spark my interest and inspiration for the web and it’s components. The web is changing. It’s […]

[Lab] Stage3D UV animation
[Lab] Stage3D UV animation

Going into the subject of rendering flat sprites in Stage3D wich have an animation as if they were 2D. Common practice for this in Stage3D is using a spritesheet as texture and animate the uv coordinates. UV mapping… uhhh ? For those that dont really understand what UV mapping is. Here’s an image, which explains […]

[Lab] The Scanline
[Lab] The Scanline

Just a little fun project i thought up. Made within a couple of hours. Actually pretty fun project. Who knows… maybe i’ll develop it into a vj tool or something. Always fun these things. The app copies the video stream and translates it to “scanlines”, who make up 1 block. Blocks are repeated infinitely. This […]

[AS3.0] 3D basics #01
[AS3.0] 3D basics #01

While working on 3D in flash it feels like a good idea to explain a little bit on my approach on this interesting subject. Starting from the basics this article is ment for those who want some more insight on how 3D in flash is done. Nothing fancy, just the basics. The Vertex. A vertex […]

[Lab] AudioRibbon Worm
[Lab] AudioRibbon Worm

Ribbons on my mind. Still on my mind since this little project. Was working on 3D ribbons and just had enough of the triangles and all that 3D stuff. So… after sitting back and rethinking it… I remembered the speech of Aral Balkan waaaaay back about keeping things simple. So here is my simple version […]

Greetings from Python, Java & Android..
Greetings from Python, Java & Android..

Its been a long time since i have posted some stuff.. These past weeks i have been on a journey through CodeLand. – First visiting the Python continent. I find myself strangely attracted to all the strange codes is see around there.  With boots that feel so heavy, i fight my way through the jungle […]

Lost Generations…
Lost Generations...
Script & Compile flash online
Script & Compile flash online

Build, script & compile flash online! Who needs flash ?!

Scripting Photoshop CS3
Scripting Photoshop CS3

After seeing Dr. Woohoo at Flash on the beach, i got inspired to do some Photoshop scripting myself. It’s a complete new world for me and i have to say… I like it! As an programmer i don’t know how the tools in Photoshop work, but when i can script them i can easily understand […]

Alternativa VS Papervision3D

Ofcourse i want to know which framework can handle more speed, interactivity and has better visuals / skins / lights. After playing with both these 3D engines i came to the following conclusions: – 1. Speed; Alternativa isen’t as fast as they say it is. When trying to set 1000 planes in both 3D engines […]

The end of PV3D ?!

A while ago the Papervision3D team threw their massive 3D flash framework into this world. Since then there has been a revolution in Flash and 3D, with many people trying to accomplisch the same results as they had. For long the Pv3D team ruled this world with unlimited power……. but these days they are probably […] new theme!

Yes, we have a new theme on the blog. I wanted to have a more design-ish blog, so i installed this theme. Hope you like it. Bye. Rackdoll

Singularity, online webconference….

Singularity is an online webconference that people can view from behind their own trusty computers. Singularity is the first online webconference and is going to house over a hundred speakers from all kinds of backgrounds related to the web. It is going to be a 3 day conference somewhere at the end of 2008. If […]

Reporting Flash Events….

Past week i had almost a full week of Flash Actionscript Heaven. Attending stuff like papervision3d, Flash in the can festival and Colin Moock’s As3 tour. Here are my reportst of these events: – Papervision3D 2.0 workshop – FITC day 01 – FITC day 02 – From the ground up Tour Have fun! Rackdoll

Gaia front-end flash framework.
Gaia front-end flash framework.

When reading Aral Balkan’s blog i saw an interesting post about this post ….. Steven Sacks came up with a new Flash framework for AS2 and AS3 called GAIA. Where the most of the flash frameworks are mostly back-end based, GAIA is front-end based. Making it easier for developers to setup a quick website or […]

Adobe OnAIR tour Europe!

The Adobe onAIR tour is coming to Europe! All the mayor European cities will be visited including Amsterdam. Be sure to be there and register before attending. This is going to be one of those workshop where you just HAVE to be. See you there.. Rackdoll

FITC Amsterdam 2008

Finally FITC is comming to Amsterdam! Ill be there to check it all.

Listing Flash Events

We flashdevelopers need gatherings to get up to date with the ever morphing actionscript / flash framework. These gatherings are important to us, but there is no place on the internet that lists all these events together. So i am oin to do that! This will be a blog-post at first and will later move […]

FITC – Amsterdam 2008

The popular flash convention Flash In The Can is coming to the Netherlands in 2008! This Flash convention is going to take place over the timespan of a couple of days in the big city of Amsterdam. To be exact: Date: Feb. 24-26, 2008 Location: Felix Meritis European Centre for Arts and Sciences. Keizersgracht 324, […]

Adobe Thermo

Thermo is a new tool for designers with which they can make Flex RIA apps and their interactions without having to code a single line. This application is being compiled to MXML and its source can be editted by developers. This program is going to bring a revolution in the design world as we know […]

FlashPlayer 10 (Astro)

De new flashplayer is introduced to the main audience. Be ready for some radical changes and some new and improved actionscript! OMG its AWESOME! Link here

Papervision3D workshop!

De grote bazen van RhinoCreations zijn zo lief geweest om het team van flashdevelopers gratis naar een Papervision 3D workshop te sturen. Perfect, dacht ik zo Samen met mijn fameuse collega Monsieur Babbels gaan ik dit avontuur beleven. Ben benieuwd wat er allemaal uit komt rollen na deze ervaring vol avontuur! Lang leve Papervision 3D!

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