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AirCube2.0 switching to PV3D 2.0

The new Aircube version is almost done. However with the new PV3d 2.0 framework i need to implement new things and add new and cool features. Thus the new version of the aircube wont be available in 2007.  If my calculations are correct i will be done with it at the end of Januari. But […]

AirCube 1.2: mp3 me!

New version airCube (beta2)! This version holds a new sound feature. It is now possible to drag a single or multiple mp3’s on the airCube. The cube will play your mp3’s and will visualize your music by changing scale and alpha. If you drag multiple mp3’s in the airCube, it will play them after each […]


Aral Balkan came with yet a new native data format for the flash platform. It’s called SWX. He just released Version 1.0!!! If you are interested in data streams in Flash, then SWX is the format for you!

AirCube 1.1: change me!

New version AirCube! With this update comes a new skinning feature. Drag and drop your .jpg’s , .png’s or .flv’s on the cube to reskin the cube with it. Also new is the “always on top” function. The cube will no longer disapear behind windows. See the “AirCube Project” section for the new version.

AirCube 1.0

Finally had some spare time again. This time i spend it well on building my first Adobe AIR application. And while i was at it i mixed it in with some papervision3D. This elegant mix resulted in a AirCube application. The controls are real easy. – Drag and throw the cube around with your mouse. […]

Nintendo Wii & Flash

Ofcourse we all know Nintendo’s new gaming console; Nintendo Wii The Flashcommunity has grabbed this idea and builded a new framework for Flash Actionscript to get full acces to the Nintendo Wii Controller and NunChuck (extra controller). This framework makes it possible to make Wii games in actionscript en publish them for the web or […]

[AS] Pixels2Array & ParticalEffect

When digging through the junk on my computer i found 2 old classes of mine. 1. Pixels2Array : reads a bitmap and transfers each pixel color value to an array. 2. ParticalEffect : Reads an array and spits out particals in some way or form. View demo here

[AS] FotoSlider3D Class prt. 4

I tried to make a nice foto slider with my new class. Its not perfect but its illustrates the job. Final demo here. 

[AS] Trigonometry: Radians

In this part i am going to explain how we measure degrees in flash. The basic scenario i am going to explain consists of making a cirkel with movieClips. If you are already familiar with calculating radians in Flash… you should probably skip this and read prt. 2 (if it’s up).  Lets start with a […]

[AS] FotoSlider3D Class prt. 3

Now implemented in de class is a z-axis which takes care of the scaling. View the demo prt. 3 here.

Listing Flash Events

We flashdevelopers need gatherings to get up to date with the ever morphing actionscript / flash framework. These gatherings are important to us, but there is no place on the internet that lists all these events together. So i am oin to do that! This will be a blog-post at first and will later move […]

[AS] FotoSlider3D Class prt. 2

I rewrote my old class. Now it’s more organised and better to understand. A few more bug fuxes and it will be online! Click here to view demo2  Have fun!

Flash 10, CS4 – “Diesel”

Adobe is being a busy bee in the world of Flash. They gave us a sneak peak at the new Flash 10, codename: Diesel. This new Flash IDE support a new feature: a new timeline motion engine. So now you are thinking: “What the……?!” This new timeline animation model is going to replace the tween […]

FITC – Amsterdam 2008

The popular flash convention Flash In The Can is coming to the Netherlands in 2008! This Flash convention is going to take place over the timespan of a couple of days in the big city of Amsterdam. To be exact: Date: Feb. 24-26, 2008 Location: Felix Meritis European Centre for Arts and Sciences. Keizersgracht 324, […]

[AS] FotoSlider3D Class

I am on my way to learn some trigonometry and some geometry for Flash. I am in search of a new challenge within the actionscript grounds. Therefor i like to build a 3D enviroment for Flash based on actionscript. Learning from actually building a application with your idea is the best way to improve. To […]

SWFaddress  Used for making browser adresses for a flash application. It works great!


Alot of people are still coding Actionscript in Flash SDK. This is just horrible! There are fare better tools out there to develop your swf files. Docuementation: FlashDevelop’s AS2Api Schematics : GModeler Coding : FlashDevelop Debugging : FlashInspector (AS2.0) Alcon (AS3.0)


Sometimes i like to make mini flash games. I store them @ So if you want to play, look there 😉


I wanted to do some php. So i created my own Content Management System, just to feel and see what php could do and what it is that makes people so wanting to script in it. I put a few flicks down so you can see what the CMS looks like. Next stage will be […]

Papervision3D – Great White

In the race to get papervision3D 2.0 up the papervision3D team has released a new branche of their framework. Code name: “Great White“. This branch of the papervision framework includes a few shaders and lights for you to utilize. Also new in this version is the ASCollada lib from Tim Knip. I listed the new […]

Script it@Rackdoll

After some loooong days of trying to get this blog online, i finally managed to accomplish it. I will be posting about all sorts of scripting fun, so stay tuned! 😀 Rackdoll.

GotoAndLearn online again!

The famous Video Site/Log is back online! New and improved with some new video tutorials for everyone to dive into.. This website is especially helpfull for people that hate reading books and like to watch video tutorials more. See for yourself!

FlashPlayer 10 (Astro)

De new flashplayer is introduced to the main audience. Be ready for some radical changes and some new and improved actionscript! OMG its AWESOME! Link here

Papervision3D workshop!

De grote bazen van RhinoCreations zijn zo lief geweest om het team van flashdevelopers gratis naar een Papervision 3D workshop te sturen. Perfect, dacht ik zo 🙂 Samen met mijn fameuse collega Monsieur Babbels gaan ik dit avontuur beleven. Ben benieuwd wat er allemaal uit komt rollen na deze ervaring vol avontuur! Lang leve Papervision […]

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