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New AirCube v2 Beta up!
New AirCube v2 Beta up!

Finally after alot of recoding and loooong nights of no sleep, AirCube v2 Beta is finally up and running. Using Flash 10, AIR 1.1 and PV3d2.0 it works like a charm. Ofc its still in beta stage so i am debugging like mad 🙂 Go download it! > AirCube Project Page < Have fun!

[AdobeLabs] SwitchBoard

In 2007, Adobe announced Adobe AIR™ – the Adobe Integrated Runtime – for creating stand-alone web applications based on the web standards of HTML, Flash®, and Ajax. The AIR environment allows developers to create dynamic, appealing, cross-platform applications. Now, with the Adobe technology code-named SwitchBoard, AIR applications can communicate with applications in the Adobe Creative […]

[Report] Adobe OnAir Tour, Amsterdam.

Today i woke up screaming…. i forgot to write a report on the OnAir Tour Europe ( Amsterdam ). So here it is. Have fun!

AIR + PV3D2.0 != interactive;

Objective: While i am rebuilding the AirCube, i am testing out some new cool features that i like to get into the functionality of the AirCube. One of those features includes an interactive movie material which i want to interact with. Case_01: To test out this new feature i first made the cube in Papervision3D2.0 […]

Reporting Flash Events….

Past week i had almost a full week of Flash Actionscript Heaven. Attending stuff like papervision3d, Flash in the can festival and Colin Moock’s As3 tour. Here are my reportst of these events: – Papervision3D 2.0 workshop – FITC day 01 – FITC day 02 – From the ground up Tour Have fun! 🙂 Rackdoll

FITC Amsterdam 2008

Finally FITC is comming to Amsterdam! Ill be there to check it all.

New Adobe AIR logo.

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