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[Unity3D] Post Process Building
[Unity3D] Post Process Building

I have been talking about writing native Unity3D plugins ( android, iOS ). When building native plugins for Android, you dont have to do much after building your Unity3D app. The JAR gets called and you are on your way. On the iOS side however, there is much more than meets the eye. Unity3D, when […]

[Lab] The Scanline
[Lab] The Scanline

Just a little fun project i thought up. Made within a couple of hours. Actually pretty fun project. Who knows… maybe i’ll develop it into a vj tool or something. Always fun these things. The app copies the video stream and translates it to “scanlines”, who make up 1 block. Blocks are repeated infinitely. This […]

Script & Compile flash online
Script & Compile flash online

Build, script & compile flash online! Who needs flash ?!

The end of PV3D ?!

A while ago the Papervision3D team threw their massive 3D flash framework into this world. Since then there has been a revolution in Flash and 3D, with many people trying to accomplisch the same results as they had. For long the Pv3D team ruled this world with unlimited power……. but these days they are probably […]

Adobe Labs – Flash Player 10

Adobe Labs just released the new Flash player 10 beta. With new technologies like 3D support and the new Pixel Bender Shaders it is a next level in the flash player enviroment. The Shaders are formally know as Hydra and allow the user to render image data on the graphics card. Awesome! .. Also new […]

[AS3.0] addFrameScript

When watching a video from gotoAndLearn( ) i saw that when you decompile a .swf file you will get to the code of it. The weird thing is that when looking at the code Flash adds lines with ‘addFrameScript’ in it. This is a undocumented function in the flash framework. Well ofc i wanted to […]

Singularity, online webconference….

Singularity is an online webconference that people can view from behind their own trusty computers. Singularity is the first online webconference and is going to house over a hundred speakers from all kinds of backgrounds related to the web. It is going to be a 3 day conference somewhere at the end of 2008. If […]

Gaia front-end flash framework.
Gaia front-end flash framework.

When reading Aral Balkan’s blog i saw an interesting post about this post ….. Steven Sacks came up with a new Flash framework for AS2 and AS3 called GAIA. Where the most of the flash frameworks are mostly back-end based, GAIA is front-end based. Making it easier for developers to setup a quick website or […]

Adobe OnAIR tour Europe!

The Adobe onAIR tour is coming to Europe! All the mayor European cities will be visited including Amsterdam. Be sure to be there and register before attending. This is going to be one of those workshop where you just HAVE to be. See you there.. Rackdoll

[AS3.0]WOW- 3D Physics Engine
[AS3.0]WOW- 3D Physics Engine

There is a new Physics Engine available for 3D spaces, called WOW. Wow makes it possible to add complex physics to objects in Papervision3D. It’s build on the Sandy and APE engines that where already made. Everybody who uses Papervision3D should definately give it a try! See a demo here! Have fun! Rackdoll

FITC Amsterdam 2008

Finally FITC is comming to Amsterdam! Ill be there to check it all.

Listing Flash Events

We flashdevelopers need gatherings to get up to date with the ever morphing actionscript / flash framework. These gatherings are important to us, but there is no place on the internet that lists all these events together. So i am oin to do that! This will be a blog-post at first and will later move […]

Papervision3D – Great White

In the race to get papervision3D 2.0 up the papervision3D team has released a new branche of their framework. Code name: “Great White“. This branch of the papervision framework includes a few shaders and lights for you to utilize. Also new in this version is the ASCollada lib from Tim Knip. I listed the new […]

AIR with Mike Chambers

6 November is the day that Mike Chambers en Lee Brimelow come to Amsterdam to show us their Adobe AIR skillz. Ofcourse they are going to share their skills with us too! Be quick and sign in before you cant anymore! Link

Adobe Thermo

Thermo is a new tool for designers with which they can make Flex RIA apps and their interactions without having to code a single line. This application is being compiled to MXML and its source can be editted by developers. This program is going to bring a revolution in the design world as we know […]


Aral Balkan came with yet a new native data format for the flash platform. It’s called SWX. He just released Version 1.0!!! If you are interested in data streams in Flash, then SWX is the format for you!

SWFaddress  Used for making browser adresses for a flash application. It works great!

GotoAndLearn online again!

The famous Video Site/Log is back online! New and improved with some new video tutorials for everyone to dive into.. This website is especially helpfull for people that hate reading books and like to watch video tutorials more. See for yourself!

Mede Collegae Martin Bartels heeft een nieuw en volledig gebabbeld blog geplaatst. Martin een flashDeveloper extraordinair is er zeker eentje om in de gaten te houden!

[AS] Trigonometry: Radians

In this part i am going to explain how we measure degrees in flash. The basic scenario i am going to explain consists of making a cirkel with movieClips. If you are already familiar with calculating radians in Flash… you should probably skip this and read prt. 2 (if it’s up).  Lets start with a […]

Flash Player Critical Update!

Adobe just announced that there are a few serious bugs in their new flash player. They suggest everybody to update the oldversion with the new one! When somebody loads an .swf file in the flashplayer, they go manipulate secure stuff though the buffer overflow. So be carefull! New player: Player Update

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