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Flash 10 Tutorials

Since AdobeLabs released their new version of the flashplayer,
Lee Brimelow and others have been heavily posting about Flash Player 10 beta.
Today they released some new tutorials about how to develop in and for flash player 10.

New Tutorials:
How to start Developing for Flash player 10
Dynamic sound
Local file acces

Releases from others:
Drawing in Flash 10 (senocular)
Vectors and SampleCallbackData (blixtsystems)
Peer2Peer, Speex and UDP (flashcomguru)
RTMFP (Justin Everett-Church)

If you are interested in finding out more about the API’s that reside in Flash player 10..
Take a look at this link from Bit-101

Have fun with them!
Let me know if you make some good things!

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