.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
Alternativa VS Papervision3D

Ofcourse i want to know which framework can handle more speed, interactivity and has better visuals / skins / lights.
After playing with both these 3D engines i came to the following conclusions:

1. Speed; Alternativa isen’t as fast as they say it is. When trying to set 1000 planes in both 3D engines papervision did better in speed when all the planes are being moved. Also Alternativa can handle more planes, but it takes ages for alternativa to produce them on screen….. so thats actually USELESS. But the demo’s they show are absolutely amazing. So the speed has to be somewhere in there for sure. That’s a big up for Alternativa.

2. Code completion; because ALternativa works only with the .swc files ( LAME ) we dont have any code completion inside any editor. Solution for this could be decompiling the .swc’s, but then Alternativa will sue you. Papervision3D is more relaxed. Because it’s totally opensource we can have good code completion and know AND discover what we are actually doing ( in stead of guessing your actions ).

3. Documentation; Papervision3D documentation is massively provided on the internet. Just search for it in Google and you will find loads of tutorials etc. Alternativa3D’s documentation seems to be hiding somewhere in never never land. Searching for it in Google you will only get the site from Alternativa with a few tut files.

4. Commercial use; Alternativa clearly states that you can’t use it for commercial use except when you buy their license.
Papervision is totally opensource and thus usable for all.

5. Look and feel; Papervision3D tends to make it skins into bitmaps and thus they get pixelated if you close in.
Alternativa gives you smoother skinning. How they do it , i dont know but it looks a lot smoother then Papervision3D.

6. Framerate / bandwidth profiler; Alternativa provides its users with a great profiler that even looks cool.
Papervision3 only has a framerate counter that looks awefull.

There are probably more pointers but these are my conclusions.
In the end i think Papervision3D is the best choice to go if you want commercial use. There is lots of documentation and there is a broad community for PV3D. Alternativa only has its own site.

I think i will stay using Papervision3D, it is far better in use than Alternativa.
So hurray for PV3D!

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