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[Lab] Sphere study #06

This time i wanted to go more into the drawTriangles() method of the new drawing API in flash. Building up vertices, indices and setting up UVT data… all very cool and o so powerfull. So in continuation of my sphere study project i made another sphere this time not made up from sprites, but made up from a mesh and a texture. Movement is done by tranforming the matrix3D with Martix3D.appendRotation( value, AXIS ); Also a good note is that i put in vector3d points. I convert them to the new tranformed points with Matrix.deltaTransformVector( vector3DPoints ); so that i have a new subset for the vectors. Then i convert them to 2d points with local3DtoGlobal and globalToLocal….and voila i have my vertices.

The texture is a bitmap with animated perlinNoise attached to it. Still working on the stiching of it.

Use the mouse to rotate the sphere.

This movie requires Flash Player 9

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