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Talking to Tim Knip (ASCollada) @ Adobe Usergroup Meeting

Yesterday i went to the 3rd Adobe Usergroup Meeting in Amsterdam. This meeting collects all Adobe product users ( from the Netherlands) and brings them together. In yesterdays meeting we discussed the workflow between developers and designers. Different companys from the Netherlands came over and gave us a quick overview of their way of workflow. They gave advice and did some q&a.
Speakers that came were:
Mediamonks (game division)

Also represented where Achtung!. They had a webcontest and announced the winners.

Amongst the winners was Tim Knip. Tim Knip is the ASCollada developer from the Papervision3d core developement team. With his new ASCollada technique it is going to be able to transfer animations and bone structures directly from a 3D modelling program to Papervision3D! Really Awesome!

I was lucky enough to had a little chat with him.
Below a short review :

R: “Most of us know your work on Papervision3D. How did you become a core developement team member?”

Tim: “I was working on a way to bring collada in other programs than only in 3D applications. ASCollada started as a personal project, untill the Papervision guys came along my path. They asked me to join them and i did.”

R: “So what can we expect from the new Papervision3D 2.0 ASCollada?”

Tim: “Papervision3D 2.0 will have my new ASCollada lib in it. It will be able to track and animate bones, track and animate skins and the flow between 3D software and AS3.0 will be a lot smoother.”

R:“That sounds really nice!”

Tim:“Hehe, yeah.”

R:“So when can we expect Papervision3D 2.0? “

Tim:“Well, today John Grden is going to give a masterclass Papervision3D in the States. There participents will get the new pv3D 2.0 for free, to work with in the class. It is most likely that someone will put this online for others to download. So i think i will be released within a week. Keep in mind though that this version is a Alpha release of the 2.0 version. For you guys to get the final 2.0 version i think you have to wait for another 6 months or so. It all depends on how much time the pv3d developers have to fnish their work.”

R:“Well Tim, thnx alot for this conversation, i hope to see a lot more from you in the future!”

Tim:“No problem, now lets drink beer!”

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