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[Report] Flash on the beach 2008 – day 03
[Report] Flash on the beach 2008 - day 03

After a long night of partying,lot’s of beer drinking and finally headaches, i started on the 3rd day of Flash on the beach. Here’s my recap. Keith Peters. Keith was the first speaker of the day. It’s always fun to start the day with some heavy maths. Keith dazzled us with some chapters in his […]

[Report] Flash on the beach 2008 – day 02
[Report] Flash on the beach 2008 - day 02

Here’s a recap of the second day of Flash on the beach Brighton 2008. Aral Balkan. The starter of the day was Aral Balkan. Aral planned a session about the Google App Engine but he switched to another presentation called “5 rules for Hedonistic Creatives”. In this presentation he talked about the way Actionscript is […]

[Report] Flash on the beach 2008 – day 01
[Report] Flash on the beach 2008 - day 01

It’s been a long day full of cool stuff. 🙂 Here’s a recap. Marco Casario. Marco talked to us about making mash-ups. Especially about making mash-ups within Flex, Flash or AIR.  He explained how to make use of the Flickr, Yahoo, Twitter and Youtube api’s. Very cool en also interesting. He also showed us some […]

[Report] Flash on the beach 2008 – day 0
[Report] Flash on the beach 2008 - day 0

Today i arrived at Brighton.. for Flash On The Beach Brighton looks good and its very warm here… I got a hotel right on the boulevard and its very nice. I like the vibe that is hangin’  around here. Lots of beer and fish and chips everywhere 😀 Well tomorrow FOTB starts and i got […]

[Event] Multi-Mania 2008, Belgium…
[Event] Multi-Mania 2008, Belgium...

The 23rd of May ( 2008 ) will be the day that MultiMania is going to kickoff. A full day of development lectures and lots of fun things to see and discover. Lots of good speakers will be attending this festival, which is in Kortrijk, Belgium. Amongst the speakers will be: – Aral Balkan – […]

[Report] Adobe OnAir Tour, Amsterdam.

Today i woke up screaming…. i forgot to write a report on the OnAir Tour Europe ( Amsterdam ). So here it is. Have fun!

Singularity, online webconference….

Singularity is an online webconference that people can view from behind their own trusty computers. Singularity is the first online webconference and is going to house over a hundred speakers from all kinds of backgrounds related to the web. It is going to be a 3 day conference somewhere at the end of 2008. If […]

Reporting Flash Events….

Past week i had almost a full week of Flash Actionscript Heaven. Attending stuff like papervision3d, Flash in the can festival and Colin Moock’s As3 tour. Here are my reportst of these events: – Papervision3D 2.0 workshop – FITC day 01 – FITC day 02 – From the ground up Tour Have fun! 🙂 Rackdoll