.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
[Omega3D] – MusicBox
[Omega3D] - MusicBox

Omega3D development has been going good.It seems to be getting more and more robust as i build new features in the framework.But it still needs some work before it has a stable v1.0Especially on the animation part. OmegaAudio.Parallel on Omega3D i am also working on OmegaAudio for use in WebGL demo’s,games and other audio driven […]

[Omega3D] – Spritesheet Demo
[Omega3D] - Spritesheet Demo

Omega3D now has build in support for spritesheet animations.This feature is very usefull if one wants to make a 2D game or scene in WebGL.I am still working on tilebased rendering for 2D level designs and such, but rest asure…It will be here soon! 🙂 For now, enjoy this little codepen demo. Cheers,Rackdoll \o

[Omega3D] – HDR Bloom Demo
[Omega3D] - HDR Bloom Demo

This is a codepen demo showcasing Omega3D’s new HDR Tonemapping and Bloom features.Just a little something to keep the blood flowing and the interest going.WebGL is slowly getting to the point where it has to be! To see more go to the dedicated Omega3D page:HERE

[Omega3D] – Lights Demo
[Omega3D] - Lights Demo

It’s been a while since i did a blogpost on my WebGL 3D framework called Omega3D.jsFor demo purposes i decided to showcase the features of Omega3D on Codepen. Last week i did a quick lights demo,and it got picked up right away, showing up in the Codepen Editor picks.Awesomesauce! Here’s the demo. More to come!\o […]

[Omega3D] – Fresnel Demo
[Omega3D] - Fresnel Demo

I am putting some of my Omega3D WebGL demos on codepen.ioThis platform gives me the opportunity to showcase the code behind some Omega3D demos and gives other users insight into the inner workings of my engine.Omega3D is still in early alpha but it’s slowing getting there. My main focus for the next months will be […]

[Omega3D] Framework Update #02
[Omega3D] Framework Update #02

I’m beginning to like WebGL more and more. I have been working hard on getting the framework where it should be, so… Here are some new features: – Point sprite support – Level of Detail support – Improved lighting system – Shadow Mapping – Spherical Environment Mapping – Post Processing Pipeline And overall: – Improved […]

[Omega3D] Framework Update #01
[Omega3D] Framework Update #01

Been a while, lots of good and interesting things are happening concerning the framework. This update i focussed on the core and ease with which developers can use OmegaJS. Updates sinds last post: – Cubemap reflections – Video and Framebuffer texures – Roaming cameras – OBJ fileformat support – Scene based rendering – RenderPasses – […]

[Omega3D] WebGL framework
[Omega3D] WebGL framework

I’ve been busy working on a new framework. OMEGA is a WebAudio and WebGL framework that enables developers to easily use the WebAudio, 3D and WebGL features Javascript offers us today.Taking away all the codes thats confuses alot of people out there. And giving back the power of creativity to the people that have the […]