.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
[Lab] 3D study #03

Still working on the 3D side of flash. Working out primitives and lights.
Got most of the primitives up and running in the system.
Lights can now also be added, but i am not fully happy yet about the light.
So still working on that part. Have some concepts i want to try in the system.
In my opinion the light can be more smoothed out.

Perfomance wise, the light goes thru each polygon and adjusting the color according to the light distance, angle, brightness and color. That works fine, but it sucks alot of fps out of the flashplayer. Thus reconsidering the way i implement light in the system. I figure i could use a 3×3 matrix probably to implement lighting. With the middle position of the 3×3 matrix being the polygon or group of polygons residing closest to the light and going from there. But for this concept to work, each polygon need to know about their neighbours. Dont really know how i am gonna try and do this, but there has to be a way…..
And if this actually boosts performance… thats a good question to find out.
We will see when i get there.

For now,
Here is my primitives demo, with 1 lightsource.
Pull the slider to adjust light brightness and set a new color for the light inside color field

[SWF], 950,400[/SWF]

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