.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
[Lab] Dreaming of Spaces

For a short while now if have been looking into Java / Processing and OpenGL.
And i have to say that i quite like it. Not only for extension comfort but also for its power.
In flash i can get up to 200.000 particles and maybe even somewhat more.
But if i want alot more… it gets reallllly tricky.

Sooo looking at Processing and OpenGL i can do 1.000.000 particles with ease.
Its kinda nice to have unlimited power for a change and maybe ill learn some
more about how to use Molehill to my advantage while learning shaders and such.

This is a scene from a Java Engine i am working on.
Ment to become a piece of VJ software with custom hardware attached.

Dreaming of Spaces from Rackdoll on Vimeo.

– Processing / Java / OpenGL
– 1.000.000 point particles
– Sound reactive

Quality alot less than original due to compression

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