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AS3.0 3D Engine: Alternativa Platform

Some Russian guys teamed up and wrote their own Actionscript3.0 3D engine. It’s called Alternativa Platform and it runs like mad. This platform / framework is a new milestone in the 3D world thats currently holding Flash in it’s claws.

Here are a few flicks from their blog:

Alternativa previewAlternativa Preview 2

A few facts about this framework:

Alternativa3D tech specs:

  • Signals system — only nesessary calculations;
  • BSP — quality polygon sorting, “sharp” crossings;
  • n-gons support;
  • reusing layers (only changed regions redrawing, polygons are independent);
  • objects hierarchy;
  • only necessary matrix, coords and UVs recalculating;
  • perspective correction — dynamic triangulation;
  • collision detection.

new features::

Besides that, Alternativa3D engine is already adapted for coming Flash Player 10.
Texture correction and lighting will work faster.

This technology applications are rather wide:

  • 3D online first- and third person games;
  • architecture visualisation;
  • multyuser entertainment media;
  • promo-sites;
  • advertising (including “3D-banners”);
  • science фand educational interactive projects.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this engine, it’s insane and it is going to bring the 3D games back to flash. It isen’t up for grabbin’ yet….let’s hope it will be soon!

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