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The end of PV3D ?!

A while ago the Papervision3D team threw their massive 3D flash framework into this world. Since then there has been a revolution in Flash and 3D, with many people trying to accomplisch the same results as they had. For long the Pv3D team ruled this world with unlimited power……. but these days they are probably not so powerfull anymore. New competitors jumped into this world and started building their own 3D framework for flash with some amazing results!

First up we have Alternativa 3D.
This club of Russian dudes accomplished an even better preformance, better skinning and even did better calculations in their math. This club put they files online for download recently and they can clearly do alot more with their framework than PV3D can.


Second up we have Sharikura 3D.
This guy is just amazing. Working solo on the coolest projects, this guy has found the time ( and energy) to build a 3D framework. This framework is super fast, has smooth skinning, 3D collision detection, dymamic lighting, support for bones and even has a 3D physics engine inside of it. This framework beats the crap out of PV3D and all its sisters, brothers and other families.


And last but not least we have Sandy 3D
Sandy is of the same caliber as PV3D, but if you look closely into Sandy and PV3D you can see Sandy scripts inside PV3D. Does this mean PV3D is Sandy ? No. But they make use of it. I have grinded through the Sandy framework and i like it very much. You can easily grab a few classes and use them for your own custom projects that not need 3D. Very cool, versatile and easy to wrok with.
So i think we can conclude that PV3D has had his up time. But it is time for the other frameworks to rise above it and take over. Sorry PV3D, but unless you come with more and faster cool stuff, i will switch


Talking to Tim Knip ( ASCollade, Pv3D team )

The town where i live, is also the hometown of Tim Knip. He writes the ASCollada and bones engine for PV3D. When i see him i always ask for an update on the PV3D framework and how they relate to the new competitors. He told me the PV3D team is working heavily on updates, but they are a large team and can’t always find the time to do so. He promised me they will look into alternativa and others. He couldn’t promise me PV3D will be a lot better. They need the time that is sooooo rare these days.

One thing we need to remember is that PV3D started all of this, thus we always need to stay honoring them!

Have fun with the other frameworks!

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