.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
My Confession


Forgive me farther for i have sinned,
it’s been long since i have given my last blog post.
Many things have happend along the road of shedding of my actionscript skin.
I have been searching for new ways to re-spark my interest and inspiration for the web and it’s components.
The web is changing. It’s long been a free haven of weirdness and new innovative and conceptual ideas.
But times have changed. Demanding more solid projects and 100% crossbrowser compatibility without the use of third party plugins or so.
This has made the web a place where the free minds can no longer do whatever they want and get away with it.
They too have to comply on the new rules the interwebs has defined.
For me,… my journey has taken me through different paths and codes like C#, Haxe, Javascript, Pyhton, Java, JavaGL, OpenGL, OpenGL-ES and WebGL.
And now… , after some time, i finally can say i have found some new and inspiring subjects that spark my mind and interest.
So… i will be posting once again, in this weird universe we call the internet.


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