.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
Greetings from Python, Java & Android..


Its been a long time since i have posted some stuff..
These past weeks i have been on a journey through CodeLand.

First visiting the Python continent.
I find myself strangely attracted to all the strange codes is see around there.  With boots that feel so heavy, i fight my way through the jungle named Python. Talking to weird plants that go deep into the system,  the mindset is as inlogical as it is logical. Its fun but also pretty rugged. I have visited most places there but eventually stopped, because i started falling asleep at every element. On to the next continent……

Second up…JavaLand.
Pretty cool to see such many cool things. Exploring this land gives me insight in the huge possibilities of this landscape. Easy to cross and also lots of stops where i can rest, read up and learn from. Coming from the world of Actionscript, Java gives me all the same possibilities but more! And…. its always sunny in JavaLand. If there is rain… the president will tell me where it is and when it is going to happen… pretty cool! You can not  only discover java on land, but also on sea and in the air. The possibilities are endless! I am definitely coming back to visit JavaLand more often.

And last but not least… Android City ( part of JavaLand ).
At first it seems like a very small place to be in. But if you look harder and longer you will see that Android City is pretty big. Endless possibilities are laying on the horizon, if only someone would reach one of them. The roads seems to be clearly leading a way forward but there some huge rocks on there, which cause some latency in the journey onwards.  Eventually, when crossing the fast landscape with all those giant rocks, gaps and hurdles,  you end up in the most beautifull scenery you will encounter these days… All is nicely organized, widely spread and lots of flowers and greenery.  Android City is still in construction but you can already see its huge possibilities. I like! Me want more of this nice landscapes!

Well after a long journey through all these nice places i am definately continuing my trip further along. First ill see a little bit more of Android City and maybe after that i ll make a trip into the Objective C Tundra. Hoping to see some nice zebra’s there.

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