.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
[AS3.0] VideoScrubber

When working @Woedend! on i made this little proof of concept demo for the presentation boys to show at Yamaha.
With the videoScrubber class you can basicly grab, slide and throw ( scrub ) your way through a movieclip with an embedded video file. If you put in a video of a 360 rotation of a yamaha quad you get something like the application below. Give it some time to load. Couldnt be bothered to make a preloader hehe.

You can download the videoScrubber class here.
Just make a new instance of the class. Pass in the stage and the movieclip with the video embedded in it ( layed out on the timeline ) and you are good to go! Happy scrubbing!

–> grab, drag and throw!
[SWF], 950, 500[/SWF]

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