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[Lab] Konami Code Interpreter v1.0

Little while ago i saw this site. Which lists sites that got the konami code easter egg in them. Very cool subject. So i wrote a lilttle helper class which you can use in actionscript3.0 to include such codes in your projects. How cool issit to have your very own Konami / Custom coded site ? Its a boys secret dream 🙂 lol.

@update: Use and KCI.supportedCodes() to help you with implementation of the class.

Konami Code:

Konami Code

Well we dont have ‘start’ but here’s an example for you to play with. If you got the code correct the ball will move.
Also try to submit your own Konami Code.

[SWF], 750,400[/SWF]

you can download the Konami Code Interpreter and example source here!

Thnx for the fun Konami. You guys rock! \o/

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