.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
[Lab] Look ma!, …Tunnels!

Nothing much too say. Working hard on some stuff i want to get done. Bought a new house, got a new job.
At nighttimes i tend to do some fun coding like these two beauties. The famous tunnel effect.
Was inspired by some earlier work of Simo Santavirta’s TE5 so i wanted to try that ( the 2D version ).
Turns out its not that hard to do…. well….. i tried some color stuff on the lines, but it i like the random colors the most so i am keeping them.
I made both ways of going in the tunnel. In one you go forward thru the tunnel, in the other one you go backwards thru it.
Both are done with the use of the actionscript3.0 bitmapdata and the matrix class.

-Going forward-
[SWF], 500,500[/SWF]

-Going backward-
[SWF], 500,500[/SWF]

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