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Gaia front-end flash framework.

Gaia flash framework

When reading Aral Balkan’s blog i saw an interesting post about this post …..

Steven Sacks came up with a new Flash framework for AS2 and AS3 called GAIA. Where the most of the flash frameworks are mostly back-end based, GAIA is front-end based. Making it easier for developers to setup a quick website or interactive prototype for the client to view.

GAIA is quick and very easy to learn.
Looking at this video tutorial about GAIA makes me feel a little bit strange. Making your application with components has never been my kind of thing, but GAIA makes it look nicer. So maybe i will finally build something with the component or assets that are provided in the Flash IDE.

I will be definately looking deeper into this framework when i have more time.

Have fun!

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