.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
[Lab] The Perlin Landscape

When working on ‘The Perlin Sea’, i realised there is more to be discovered on the use of perlinNoise.
So i went on the interwebs and started looking for cool stuff. I came along Neuro’s blog and found his Continuous PerlinNoise post.
I liked it. So…. i wanted to try it myself and see if i can do the same, maybe even slightly better ;).
I am a big fan of opensource and sharing but not a fan of downloading source files before i have even tried to do it.
So i did try and i conquered! muhahaha!
I even made it a screen in my little engine.

The Perlin Landscape (click the head to start)
[SWF], 700,500[/SWF]

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