.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
[AS3.0] VideoScrubber NetStream upgrade.

A while a go i posted the VideoScrubber class and the VideoScrubber Tutorial.
This class enables you to embed a video on the timeline and scrub thru the video.
You could drag and throw thru the frames. I have gotten alot of positive responses to the class.

A few days ago i got an email from Vladimir ( ).
He kindly converted the and added the VideoAdapter Class.
Now the VideoScrubber doesn’t need a video embedded on the timeline.
It can now load in an external FLV, and lets the user scrub thru it, just like VideoScrubber v1.
Very cool!

Here is an example of the ‘new’ VideoScrubber with an external FLV:
( –> grab, drag and throw! )

[SWF], 480,360[/SWF]

Demo FLV

thnx Vladimir.

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