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[AS3.0] Fusion5 *.comp parser

In Fusion you can track an object’s position and do some cool stuff with it.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have that same ability inside flash ?
Or maybe go from Fusion to flash to have a sprite follow your tracked positions ?

Yesh that would be nice! So i made a parser for Fusion5 .comp files.
Comp files are rendered out text files that give you all the information from Fusion.
It’s like a Collada file, but different.

So now you can track your path inside Fusion5 and bring it inside flash to do cool shit with it.

In the example below you see 2 pointers.
The purple arrow it a pointer so we can see the tracked path inside fusion.
The green square is a sprite overlay inside flash that follows the track parsed from a .comp file.
( give the video a few seconds to load )
[SWF], 850,352[/SWF]

[UPDATE] It has come to my attention that since there is a new flashplayer available ( 10.0.2 ) the parser experiences 1 or 2 frames of lag. I will review the parser again and reupload it.


package only
package with example files

have fun!

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