.Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo.
[Lab] AudioRibbon Worm

Ribbons on my mind.
Still on my mind since this little project.
Was working on 3D ribbons and just had enough of the triangles and all that 3D stuff. So…
after sitting back and rethinking it… I remembered the speech of Aral Balkan waaaaay back about keeping things simple. So here is my simple version of a ribbon type. Just 2D and working with sprites only. The audio reaction is done by reading left peak only. It turned out nice and i like the result.
Am also working on some prints… this could be a good candidate for some wall / book arts

You can use the configuration panel to modify the parameters ( shape, length, radius, rendering ) ,toggle the sound and make the ribbon follow mouse in stead of going automatic.

[SWF], 950,400[/SWF]
Sound by Rusko and Caspa ( Fabriclive 37 )

I will be working on this one more often.
Meaning i will put the code online as soon as i feel i am finished with it.

Have fun!

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